Which btc online wallet do you use? Who can give me some good suggestion? It'd better free for sending.

7 Jan 04:50
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  1. KilstagKilstag 7 Jan 08:18

    I have tried a few, and settled for coinbase to be convenient. You can signup through my link [ http://bit.ly/Best_Online_Bitcoin_Wallet ] and get a $10 bonus if you buy bitcoins for $100 on their platform. It is not a requirement though. Their service is great and their security is much much much better compared to so many other wallets out there.

  2. hungdanhbthungdanhbt 7 Jan 10:37

    Now i am using coinbase:https://www.coinbase.com/join/57b979248a4ad15c8e2a0c81,no fee for sending or receiving btc, another one use xapo or blockchain.Good luck guy.

  3. chaochao 8 Jan 02:59

    @Kilstag It is coinbase wallet. I dont like it. I prefer Xpao.

  4. hieudc9hieudc9 8 Jan 05:45

    http://adf.ly/1hfXlH <= Get free 10$
    http://adf.ly/1hAhNw <= Get free 10000 satoshi

  5. KilstagKilstag 8 Jan 14:08

    @chao Why don't you like coinbase? I would like to know what is good in xapo compared to coinbase?

  6. gubashgubash 9 Jan 01:39

    I use webmoney btc adress or coinbase

  7. CoinPoleCoinPole 10 Jan 05:22

    @gubash how about the fees of webmoney btc address?

  8. gubashgubash 10 Jan 23:48

    @CoinPole i just get btc to webmoney btc adress and then change(inside) it into other currency $ or rubble what about fees only when you change but its not so big

  9. CoinPoleCoinPole 11 Jan 02:36

    @gubash thanks for your feedback. I have re-actived my webmoney account. Actually I prefer webmoney.

  10. gubashgubash 11 Jan 03:17

    @CoinPole yes i know that is better than other wallets if you will have a problems with creation of webmoney btc wallet sea instractions on youtube search as " how to create WMX webmoney"