Hue Bitcoin Faucet · 4 Jan 03:44

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epay payment

* No minimum payout
* No Timer
* Earning = how fast you can click claim

I earn 1000 satoshi every 10mins, how about you ?

4 Jan 03:44
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New Update to site

* Timer added - 5 mins

* Rewards 20 - 60 satoshi

* Added Payment Options - FaucetSystem

24 Jan 06:35

Payment Method - removed

ePay has been removed.

The supported wallets are now: FaucetHub and FaucetSystem.

Paying - Recommended ! ! !

2 Feb 03:29

Not Paying!

Some faucets run down when the advertising does not bring stable profits. Huefaucet looks like it has reached its end.

The faucet has not been paying for the past 7 days, hence I would like to declare it "Not Paying".

Thank You,

You can checkout the below paying top faucets as of now:

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  7. /t.php?id=5113

Struggle and Peace are never permanent, they come and go.

Cheers! Have a good day :)


12 Feb 03:23

On Maintenance.

Well, as of today huefaucet has gone to maintenance mode. This shows that the admin is active.

Hope the site comes back live again, paying :) I have not seen a better faucet site to this to date. Fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

13 Feb 04:22

We'll be back soon!

Though that is not the exact words, seems that huefaucet is going through some rennovation. We can expect it to be back with a brand new look and most probably brand new balance (meaning our previous balance/unpaid balance is ignored, I assume so as nothing has been mentioned about it) (There could also be the scenario that huefaucet has a new admin)

Whatever it be, lets wait and see what awaits us ;D

Happy Earning ^_^

25 Feb 06:44
  1. KilstagKilstag 14 Jan 02:02

    Inspite of the new 5min timer, the earning is very good... :D

  2. KilstagKilstag 13 Jan 00:16

    @joedash Yes, it is good thing the claim amount has been increased :)

  3. joedashjoedash 12 Jan 12:38

    @Kilstag Yeah, I was going to mention that, but 5 minutes isn't so bad.
    Sure slows the claim amounts though.

  4. KilstagKilstag 12 Jan 12:06

    @joedash Just noticed the timer has been added. 5mins between Claims.

  5. joedashjoedash 12 Jan 11:52

    @Kilstag Thanks for the update

  6. KilstagKilstag 12 Jan 11:48

    @joedash They were disabled due to site update and bot checking. Its a routine check. The site is working now. Best of all they have increased from 30 to upto 65 satoshi per claim. ENJOY ! ! !

  7. joedashjoedash 12 Jan 06:23

    Claims disabled

  8. KilstagKilstag 11 Jan 14:57

    This ought to be the best faucet of 2017!

  9. KilstagKilstag 9 Jan 16:25

    Best faucet 2017 :) Start your unlimited claims!

  10. KilstagKilstag 8 Jan 20:55

    @Adeolu All the best :) Race ON ! ! !

  11. AdeoluAdeolu 8 Jan 20:22

    @Kilstag thx bro. just figured it out. let d race begin. lol

  12. KilstagKilstag 8 Jan 19:40

    @Adeolu No prob! ePay is not that complicated. ePay is simple. Go to the website. Click "Check your balance" -> Enter your btc address you got paid to and you should see your balance there. If you need more control, then register and get an account.

  13. AdeoluAdeolu 8 Jan 19:24

    @Kilstag lol. cool bro. thx. Just trying to get around dis epay thing

  14. KilstagKilstag 8 Jan 18:44

    @Adeolu ePay is easy, any payment sent to your btc address to ePay is stored on the same address until a minimum amount you set is reached. ONce that amount is reached you get paid to your bitcoin wallet on every Monday.

  15. KilstagKilstag 8 Jan 18:42

    @Adeolu I sat with a friend betting on who would make the highest in 10mins. Whoever loses had to pay up double of the satoshi they had made in the 10mins. I can easily manage 1000 satoshi in 10mins. That pressure was a result of 1556 sat in 10mins.
    You can check out my comment to BudiK to know how I work on huefaucet to get 1000sat in 10mins. Its easy!

  16. AdeoluAdeolu 8 Jan 18:07

    @Kilstag how does epayinfo work? mistakenly sent payment to my btc instead. dont hav epay account

  17. AdeoluAdeolu 8 Jan 17:52

    (y) thx bro

  18. AdeoluAdeolu 8 Jan 17:52

    @Kilstag hmmm i was able to get 614 Satoshis in 10mins how did u do 1550 satoshi in 10mins?

  19. KilstagKilstag 8 Jan 13:57

    @Adeolu Try it out. Without a timer, you just have to solve captcha and claim. If you sit fixed on it, then it is very much possible like I do. Since it has no timer, I send my free minutes in here to get some good satoshi. All that is needed: fast mouse clicking ;) Since it pays to ePay at anytime with no minimum there is no risk if you withdraw often.

  20. AdeoluAdeolu 8 Jan 01:40

    @Kilstag hw trus is this?