Hue Bitcoin Faucet · 4 Jan 03:44

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epay payment

* No minimum payout
* No Timer
* Earning = how fast you can click claim

I earn 1000 satoshi every 10mins, how about you ?

4 Jan 03:44
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  1. joedashjoedash 17 Jan 15:32

    @Kilstag My direct wallet is not a wallet processor. It fills as/when it does. It doesn't move from this wallet until I want to move it. Very few of the games allow for true direct withdrawals. This is what I meant.

  2. KilstagKilstag 17 Jan 15:06

    @joedash direct wallet is what will take time to accumulate. ePay, faucethub, faucetSystems etc accumulate from different faucets in one place so it fills fast. ePay has now introduced on-demand withdrawal, you can check it out so you don't have to wait for Mondays anymore.

  3. joedashjoedash 16 Jan 07:46

    Heh, all faucet type pages are like that. I meant when you meet the minimum withdraw amount, the payment is sent directly to your wallet, not to another wallet processor. You have to wait for many to send too, so you can double chances not to get your coins..or at least have to wait longer to receive vs direct wallet.

  4. KilstagKilstag 16 Jan 06:41

    @joedash Not the safest, that is the riskiest actually. Assume you have accumulated 7000 satoshi, minimum required to payout is 10k satoshi. If he closes down you lose the 7k satoshi. Considering you have direct pay to ePay or facethub or some 3rd party, you have your satoshi in a safer place because the probability for them to close is very low.

  5. joedashjoedash 16 Jan 05:41

    I like games like this one and my BonusBitcoin (I added a link in the free BTC list) that pay directly to MY wallet. This is safest and fastest. The BB site earned me 28K satoshi yesterday :)

  6. KilstagKilstag 16 Jan 04:18

    @joedash It is good that we have more than one option to withdraw. Makes it safer.

  7. joedashjoedash 16 Jan 03:58

    Yes, what I thought. It is Huefaucet's Epay wallet that is empty.
    Although I love Epay and have had many successful auto-withdrawals to my wallet from them, not all faucets that use Epay are as transparent.

  8. KilstagKilstag 16 Jan 03:51

    @joedash ePay is a 3rd party service used by faucet owners. They deposit bitcoins into ePay and when You withdraw from faucet, ePay pays you. If the amount deposited by the owner dries (all claimed) then it means the faucet owner's ePay wallet is empty. He will refill it when he notices it. Hope I made it clear.

  9. joedashjoedash 16 Jan 02:35

    Like saying you can't send me coins because my wallet is empty.

  10. joedashjoedash 16 Jan 02:35

    That explanation never made sense to me.
    Why would Epay's empty wallet have anything to do with another site depositing to it?

  11. KilstagKilstag 16 Jan 01:47

    @joedash FaucetHub withdraw works as well. Since most people use ePay, it runs dry soon. The admin will refill it in 2 to 3 days, so don't worry :) If you want to be safe, then withdraw to what works.

  12. KilstagKilstag 16 Jan 01:46

    @joedash Seems to be the epay balance is empty. I successfully withdrawed to faucetSystem wallet.

  13. joedashjoedash 16 Jan 01:38

    Both sites have stopped paying. Hue still works, but you cannot withdraw as it errors every time.
    Bit has stopped totally.

  14. KilstagKilstag 15 Jan 01:33

    Clean UI, no pop-up, no clumsy ad, easy to use faucet! - You will love their sister-faucet:

  15. KilstagKilstag 14 Jan 02:02

    Inspite of the new 5min timer, the earning is very good... :D

  16. KilstagKilstag 13 Jan 00:16

    @joedash Yes, it is good thing the claim amount has been increased :)

  17. joedashjoedash 12 Jan 12:38

    @Kilstag Yeah, I was going to mention that, but 5 minutes isn't so bad.
    Sure slows the claim amounts though.

  18. KilstagKilstag 12 Jan 12:06

    @joedash Just noticed the timer has been added. 5mins between Claims.

  19. joedashjoedash 12 Jan 11:52

    @Kilstag Thanks for the update

  20. KilstagKilstag 12 Jan 11:48

    @joedash They were disabled due to site update and bot checking. Its a routine check. The site is working now. Best of all they have increased from 30 to upto 65 satoshi per claim. ENJOY ! ! !