VirtuPub · 25 Dec 2016 18:24

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faucethub payment

Sign up bonus 10000 satoshi. You had your own pub to start, buy drink and sold it to make profit. Up to 10k sat/day.
Join my team, and get 5% of your earning via Faucethub.

25 Dec 2016 18:24
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  1. AzmudAzmud 16 Jan 20:08

    Fund refilled, $100 ready to serve you :)

  2. AzmudAzmud 15 Jan 21:30

    Currently the fund is empty, the admin will refill it as soon as possible so please be patience

  3. AzmudAzmud 13 Jan 10:12

    @Lester for besexchange i dont think i said bonus $1 for just signup right, for reading news, the site change the ref commision so i will give u bonus every u make 20$ i will give u $0.02 because i only get $0.05 from u. If u want more u can register here and i will give u 5% of your withdraw

  4. AzmudAzmud 12 Jan 08:45

    If u had any question or how to play in this site feel free to comment here, :)

  5. AzmudAzmud 12 Jan 06:15

    For someone who register under my name and made cashout, just comment here i will give bonus :)

  6. AzmudAzmud 11 Jan 19:52

    New update : Add feature PTC, earn 50sat per view

  7. AzmudAzmud 10 Jan 07:20

    First batch invention revealed, there is coffee manchine, hotdog stall, lucky game, warehouse, etc. For more detail you can check the forum

  8. AzmudAzmud 7 Jan 06:19

    New Update : Big Event feature, u can get chance progress +1 point by doing event hourly or half hourly

  9. AzmudAzmud 6 Jan 07:37

    New update : Ability to purchase referral for 10k sat, and small improvement

  10. AzmudAzmud 4 Jan 13:58

    @jeffy90 i cant find your name in my downline

  11. jeffy90jeffy90 3 Jan 04:38

    register under you user name jeffy90

  12. KilstagKilstag 2 Jan 03:25

    @Azmud username is kilstag. show some love on my joined post ;)

  13. AzmudAzmud 1 Jan 23:25

    @Kilstag yeah happy new year (22 hour ago :D), i already write down your name in my list, just give me your faucethub username then i will give u bonus everytime u WD per 20k.

  14. KilstagKilstag 1 Jan 22:37

    Happy new year 2017

  15. KilstagKilstag 1 Jan 20:25

    Joined on your team

  16. AzmudAzmud 31 Dec 2016 06:21

    New update : Adding 3 category Leaderboard (Top earning, referrer, and invention)

  17. AzmudAzmud 29 Dec 2016 19:13

    Big Update Part 1 release today. New feature, Invetion. You need 3k satoshi + 200SP per day to make it work.

  18. AzmudAzmud 28 Dec 2016 07:08

    New big update will be release soon (this year maybe) adding rent refferral, ptc, new building, new drink and so on. Stay tunned and save your scient point and satoshi for your next update.

  19. AzmudAzmud 27 Dec 2016 05:58

    @shafisaif Yes, there is so many ways to earn from faucethub, from faucet, rainpool, offerwall, lottery, RPS and so on.
    @Stoneage just click the title and u will be able to go to the site

  20. AzmudAzmud 27 Dec 2016 05:55

    @stethem okay you are added to my list, once u WD i will send u the bonus via faucthub