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11 Jan 20:01
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  1. AzmudAzmud 12 Jan 06:09

    I had 3 payment done, its legit all, all payment take around 3 days so be patience. But now i never got more than 20 coin in lottery, is it some bug?

  2. CoinPoleCoinPole 14 Jan 02:17

    @Azmud thanks, no it is not bug. It is chance.

  3. KilstagKilstag 21 Jan 15:30

    @CoinPole Request FaucetSystem to be added to Payment Option in Free BTC List. Thanks

  4. CoinPoleCoinPole 21 Jan 16:04

    @Kilstag Added, thanks.

  5. KilstagKilstag 21 Jan 16:09

    @CoinPole Thank You for the quick addition.