In honor of the third anniversary of the project Carexpert is holding a contest "Innovation" on the largest Russian forum about bitcoin
The essence of the contest is to invent and describe in detail the best proposal for the extension of the functionality of analyzer Carexpert.
The contest will be held on January 10, 2018. Then followed the voting for the best idea and the final determination of winners by the property analyzer.
To participate you must write a proposal to improve the functionality in the theme of the forum.
Prize Fund of over $1000! The bonus for reg 1 $ daily bonus to the purse 0.001-0.1

24 Dec 2017 16:33
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  1. AngelManoAngelMano 4 Jan 20:31

    @samposeebe hmj,j

    @samposeebe hmj,j
  2. dirukmanadirukmana 6 Jan 01:09


  3. ofermalulofermalul 6 Jan 20:29

    I dont think it's allowed to post your links

    I dont think it's allowed to post your links
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