Hello guys!
The solution for anyone who is starting in the world of crypto-coins and wants to earn their first to start a savings, are still from my point of view, FAUCETS. Place where the user has the right to collect several types of coins according to the rules, usually very simple, imposed by the websites that offer them. Access to these faucets is always done through a link offered by a friend, or someone found casually on the internet. These Faucets are offered free of charge yes, but the user will come across many, many, same advertisements! For this is how, for the most part, these sites that offer Faucets survive, with the resources gained through their advertisers.
So folks, with a little patience and persistence, and of course, lucky enough to find really good Faucets that really pay, without the gimmick, you'll be able to start your savings without having to undo anything at all.
And if that's the way it is then, if you really have an interest in starting to put your pennies in this mighty and thought-provoking world of cryptography, but you do not want to risk investing your already-earned savings, or you do not even have a penny left, friend the secret is to be smart, to be very attentive to everything that rolls around you while surfing the internet ... A tip? Now, Coinpole can be your "gold mine, my friend, and just know how to click the right places around here ... Where to start? CdX - Try clicking on these three letters to begin with, right?
See ya, friend! Health, Peace and Success for All Us!

9 Oct 2017 03:17
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Great Faucets For You - Paying On Day!

Etherium Faucets:

- http://bit.ly/Earn1379stsETHevery5minutes (1 - Attention! Solving the "Short Link" is key to your complete reward!)

http://bit.ly/240StsEvery01Minut (attention! Visiting the "Short Link" is essential for you to receive your full reward immediately in your account FaucetHub. Do not forget it!)

http://bit.ly/EarnMore1379stsETHevery5minutes (2 - Attention! Solving the "Short Link" is key to your complete reward!)


Litecoin Faucets:

http://bit.ly/Get1000LitoshisNoTimeLimit (Claim 100 litoshi (+900 bonus) every 0 minutes - Solve "Short Link" for full reward!)

http://bit.ly/1400Litoshis5Minuts (Solve "Short Link" for full reward!)

Bitcoin Cash faucet:

http://bit.ly/180StsEvery5MinutesToFaucetHub (Solve "Short Link" for full reward!)



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    @CdX thanks friend!

    @CdX thanks friend!
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