BitcoinFaucet Scripts Review: I intend to collect the existing bitcoin faucet scripts. Let's talk about it together.

2 Oct 04:59
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# FaucetinaBox

The faucetinabox is the oldest faucet scirpt.The most of faucet sites are using this script.

But they have stopped maintaining it. 

Some people says that faucetinabox has a lots of bugs and seems not security.


2 Oct 22:39

# FaucetinaBox Ultimate Script

This script is a branch of faucetinabox, and updated by

They fixed some bugs and add more advanced Anti-Bot.

Now they still continue to update it.


2 Oct 22:51

# Salmen Script

The developer of this script named Salmen, so I call it - Salmen Script!

There are TWO verisions:

  1. JQuery-Faucet: a new faucet script which is based on JQuery, PHP and MySQL. But it is not free, you have to pay about $11 in bitcoin for download.
  2. Simple Faucet Script: Free for download. You also need to pay an small fee of a maximum of three Satoshi for each claim.


3 Oct 04:51
  1. SetiadyASetiadyA 12 Nov 15:18


  2. MajeMaje 18 Nov 07:29

    @pbword I am looking for good scripts. Do you have good one?

    @pbword I am looking for good scripts. Do you have good one?
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