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  1. CoinPoleCoinPole 13 Sep 05:07

    【Rules and Guidelines】Please must read it before using Coinpole!

  2. yen2yen2 5 Dec 21:52

    What happen to captcha.? Even I already click the rolling ball still failed for verification status. Help tnx

  3. CdXCdX 26 Oct 05:28

    So guys! I just found out that FaucetPig uses our CPU to mine without us knowing. And, she does it even if you're not logged in, but you have the Faucetpig page open! Buglers! They want to earn o... Full Text »

  4. CoinPoleCoinPole 15 Oct 06:04

    We are testing and optimizing our new Captcha. If you have issue about it, please report here with your specific issue.
    1. Login your account without WWW
    2. Don't solve captcha in Con... Full Text »

  5. jaden0726jaden0726 6 Dec 18:47

    The Captcha works fine for me now.. It used to fail before I updated my browser.. Now I reach 2000 satoshi..

  6. stagnolastagnola 4 Dec 21:39

    captcha doesnt work. always verification failed

  7. mg214mg214 4 Dec 14:59

    Whoah! whoah! wait a minute COINPOLE!!!! I already claimed 2,005 satoshis, now I claim for another hope to increase more BUT YOU TURNED IT INTO 1,962 ??? how's is that!!!

  8. CdXCdX 18 Nov 06:43

    Hello everyone! Is it really true that CoinPole turned SCAM ..?! For a long time I can not even 1 satoshi in this faucet, because the captcha only presents: "Verification Failed" all th... Full Text »

  9. zoloto88zoloto88 17 Nov 06:13

    Your CAPTCHA is bad. All my referrals quit working. Let me CAPTCHA - Geetest

  10. momygandamomyganda 2 Dec 18:57

    thank you coinpole... i just made 2 gift claims... more claims to come

  11. Mark25Mark25 24 Nov 14:32

    i. ant claim my satoshis no gifts available pls fill my gift to redeem my aatoshis

  12. MajeMaje 2 Oct 04:59

    BitcoinFaucet Scripts Review: I intend to collect the existing bitcoin faucet scripts. Let's talk about it together.

  13. deadDolldeadDoll 1 Dec 16:52


  14. NivyaNivya 17 Nov 23:13

    HISTORY OF BITCOINS In January 2009, the bitcoin network came into existence with the release of the first open source bitcoin client and the issuance of the first bitcoins, with Satoshi Nakamoto... Full Text »

  15. luisintiluisinti 23 Nov 01:29

    I received my 3rd. payment, it was fast and it came instantly to my wallet Faucethub. Thanks Coinpole!

  16. Leon123Leon123 29 Oct 20:48

    OK everyone I'll guide you how to claim captcha easily in coinpole . Move your mouse to CLAIM BTC (dont click, just move to this text), and this table will appear, all you have to do is CLICK the... Full Text »

  17. CdXCdX 26 Nov 04:03

    So guys! I've introduced you to Google Chrome's 'No Coin' app, which reports when incorrectly owned sites steal power from your computer without your knowing. Now, I'm bringing you "Anti Min... Full Text »

  18. abillie98abillie98 19 Nov 04:51

    @CoinPole hello. and apologize. I love your page but now it is almost impossible to join satoshi no matter how hard I try. I'm a cartoonist and I need the money... Full Text »

  19. jfimsjfims 28 Nov 09:42

    a good faucet report!
    multifaucet, they fixed their system problem fast after received users' claim.
    I added it back to the hot list.
    It will be a good faucet!
    please chec... Full Text »

  20. yzeah2015yzeah2015 30 Nov 14:13

    How many days more to wait for the store to be refilled??

  21. yzeah2015yzeah2015 28 Nov 10:06

    When will these faucet be refilled?? (sigh)

  22. marga1378marga1378 28 Nov 04:53

    Impossible to redeem, what's this site? I dont like wasting time

  23. jorghemjorghem 28 Nov 18:42

    Why do not you pay?

  24. jeffnievajeffnieva 21 Nov 19:54

    @CoinPole please put redeem points in store.thanks

  25. Nishu77Nishu77 9 Nov 08:38

    Wow.i just love this site.easy to work and vary fast working no error like other sites. Tnx coinPole for nice working site.

  26. mokokomomokokomo 28 Nov 09:01

    Hi, i got 10k satoshis but in my store, it's only Gift Area, and after added my wallet address to redeem, it said "Sold out, try to redeem other gifts." Is it ok? And how much to withdr... Full Text »

  27. kurama0616kurama0616 24 Nov 08:09

    @CoinPole i wasn't able to redeem my gift. pls help

  28. BTCMinerBTCMiner 21 Nov 00:18

    friends bad news FaucetHub is down error

  29. MajeMaje 24 Oct 05:37

    Hello, I want to run a bitcoin faucet site. Who is interested in it? I think we can make it together. I can offer technical support.

  30. jfimsjfims 26 Nov 12:11

    I received a lot of email which reported [bitcoinfaucet] as scam, thank you for the reports, and it is already on the top of scam list months ago, you can check it :)
    if you don't know my s... Full Text »

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