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  1. CoinPoleCoinPole 13 Sep 05:07

    【Rules and Guidelines】Please must read it before using Coinpole!

  2. CoinPoleCoinPole 15 Oct 06:04

    We are testing and optimizing our new Captcha. If you have issue about it, please report here with your specific issue.
    1. Login your account without WWW
    2. Don't solve captcha in Con... Full Text »

  3. arifbdarifbd 00:11

    new captcha not work for me...I use uc browser...when I click to rolling ball it dose not work...

  4. CdXCdX Yesterday 05:40

    @CoinPole The recaptcha still does not work !! When is it going to work again ???

  5. mackyomackyo 03:39


  6. predrag33predrag33 02:02

    Captcha work great and also can do on my smartphone with no problem. Work faster now then previous!!!

  7. kisek21kisek21 01:20

    @CoinPole hi sir how to solve my problem When i put my cursor in start button nothing happened there what should i do?

  8. jomzkiejomzkie Yesterday 20:25

    seems the captcha doesn't work now.

  9. CdXCdX Yesterday 23:53

    Can I make money with Bitcoin?
    You should never expect to get rich with Bitcoin or any emerging technology. It is always important to be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true or... Full Text »

  10. MajeMaje 2 Oct 04:59

    BitcoinFaucet Scripts Review: I intend to collect the existing bitcoin faucet scripts. Let's talk about it together.

  11. jfimsjfims 15 Oct 11:48

    Update of freeripple faucet site I posted:
    they fixed some problem, and seems like the reward problem is a system bug, they are working on it.
    I removed the problem mark on it.
    ... Full Text »

  12. rajonrajon 13 Oct 22:54

    Claimpole is a one of the best site for earning. You can earn money only by verify captcha and get instantly shatoshi....

  13. CdXCdX Yesterday 07:53

    Why do people trust Bitcoin?
    Much of the trust in Bitcoin comes from the fact that it requires no trust at all. Bitcoin is fully open-source and decentralized. This means that anyone has ac... Full Text »

  14. saulansaulan Yesterday 04:34

    Why I have 200 point less?
    2017-10-16 02:42 • Topic • - 200 • Balance 1813
    2017-10-16 02:32 • Commission • + 10 • Balance 2013

  15. RougeonRougeon 14 Oct 09:32

    Anybody knows if the 2 Faucets Bitcoin143 and Coinmine.Online are dead ?
    They don't payout anymore.
    Bitcoin143, it's 2 weeks already and CoinMine just stopped paying out few days ago.... Full Text »

  16. KarPiastKarPiast 8 Oct 19:57

    Save your bitcoins guys, until end of this month price will go dramatically up because another hard fork is comming :)

  17. RayflameRayflame 14 Sep 21:51

    Bitcoin prices are going to up very soon yeah,Bill gates said once that no one can stop bitcoin and remember that bitcoin price was $2800 1 month before and then it jumped to $4200, I think it wi... Full Text »

  18. bitluckyxbitluckyx 30 Sep 07:17

    Hi, there! My Faucet: Need support? Reply this post!

  19. ayatayat 5 Oct 06:29

    guys, are you know where I can make all altcoin wallet? thank you for your answer

  20. letsnegletsneg 5 Oct 19:11

    Hey Guys, I am thinking about GPU mining. How difficult is it? Do I need some special technical knowledge? Do I need to be engineer for that? Who has experience with mining, please, share!

  21. jomzkiejomzkie 15 Oct 18:13

    this is how to solve the new captcha: put the pointer of the mouse to the start button and the moving ball will automatically show up (no need to click the start button). wait for the moving ball... Full Text »

  22. HaayimHaayim Yesterday 01:49

    why do I always verify the identity failed how to handle it

  23. mheanne826mheanne826 Yesterday 00:51

    Thankyou so much coinpole.. family.
    Be part how to earn satoshi..

  24. BTC4LIFEBTC4LIFE 15 Oct 23:10

    I tried to redeem my 2000 satoshi but it gets refunded! please help

  25. Aja09Aja09 15 Oct 23:06

    @CoinPole I have claimed satoshi that is not been credited yet. Can you please help me. how can I have it back or credited to my faucethub account.

  26. RougeonRougeon 14 Oct 21:19

    It's impossible to do the new Captcha ! Always Verification failed ... Please fix it !

  27. jfimsjfims 14 Oct 12:22

    freeripple,com get worse!
    they reduced the reward,
    the minimum reward has been cut down to 0.00007 xrp!
    so everyone stop waste time on it.
    i’ll let you know after they ge... Full Text »

  28. CdXCdX 13 Oct 09:39

    It would be great if we could post videos here...

  29. CdXCdX 15 Oct 04:41

    What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?
    Degree of acceptance - Many people are still unaware of Bitcoin. Every day, more businesses accept bitcoins because they want the advantages of doing... Full Text »

  30. AaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaa 15 Oct 05:28

    Hi @CoinPole the captcha doesn't work :(

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