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  1. BgucoinBgucoin Yesterday 05:52

    re-captha is taking too much time for every claim, friends what about your's

  2. swapaiswapai Yesterday 06:39

    Hi guys what do we do to secure our BTCs before the fork? I've kept my BTCs in Please help what to do. I've tried researching but it's too jargon for me.

  3. agungzeberagungzeber Yesterday 09:48 is a scam,dont waste your time....

  4. manish612manish612 22 Jul 18:03

    Any one using Rapid miner? Is it legit?

  5. EsteCOINPEsteCOINP Yesterday 06:39

    Hi Coinpole administrator friend, Captcha are fatal, they do not serve for our internet connection, I really do not want to stop supporting this site, but already many have thought to stop doing... Full Text »

  6. trimurtrimur 18 Jul 13:30

    Who can help me mining monero,what monero pool accept low hashrate
    and easy get share...?

  7. lizazalizaza 22 Jul 22:02

    Did anyone know how to make signature in poloniex?

  8. rahul1rahul1 Yesterday 06:26

    What is the meaning of MasterNode? Many coins say they support MasterNode. What is it?

  9. rahul1rahul1 Yesterday 06:15

    Seems like CoinPole People kept their promise of increasing the per claim satoshis !! Thanks admin and team!

  10. FakeBombsFakeBombs 22 Jul 02:55

    Maybe you want to listen this conversation with John McAfee... are you curious about Hacking Bitcoin wallets.. or Bank accounts or Social profiles or.. everything? How and why? Listen carefully..... Full Text »

  11. ozbourneozbourne 22 Jul 09:01

    anyone selling doge

  12. aalyafaalyaf Yesterday 02:32

    I just want to know some details about Bitcoin Split. Do we get the benefit of split of Bitcoin, if we do not withdraw our bitcoin to our wallets, but keep it in itself.

  13. alvaroalvaro 22 Jul 19:38

    wait the paid

  14. abhi385abhi385 Yesterday 01:56

    Hi Guys
    If anybody knows good android applications on earning ...
    Dollar, btc ,ether,litcoin,dash ,doge
    Plss tell me ............
    Thanks is advance

  15. chaochao 18 Jan 01:52

    I decide to run a Bitcoin Faucet! And I have no experience with it. So I will record and share it on CoinPole.

  16. rahul1rahul1 22 Jul 23:46

    What does Bounty and Airdrop mean?? I see these terms alot in Bitcoin Forums.

  17. manish612manish612 22 Jul 23:01

    Should i do cloud mining or mining at home. Which site is the best for cloud mining and which is the best software to use for mining at home?

  18. rahul1rahul1 22 Jul 23:14

    What does PoS (Proof of Stake) mean for a cryptocurrency coin? Can anyone explain.

  19. palukkapalukka 22 Jul 22:45

    Why recaptha always problem???

  20. BgucoinBgucoin 21 Jul 13:32

    is there any tricks on Turbo Lottery at, i have seen almost in every round some user winning (1st - 10th) position. How is it possible?

  21. ariainariain 22 Jul 13:58

    im interesting with eobot, will somebody guide me how to produce BTC faster @eobot?

  22. arun0808arun0808 21 Jul 21:28

    Hello Can anyone suggest good Dogiecoin Minner....

  23. RakeshRakesh 22 Jul 21:48

    Hi All,
    Is there any issue with captcha. I observed that it is not solved in first couple of attempt.

  24. rahul1rahul1 22 Jul 20:19

    Does anyone know where to purchase mining rigs for cheap online? Excet bitmain website

  25. CondorCondor 22 Jul 04:57

    Here is a disturbing statement I got on the BITPOWER faucet site today:
    Today, at 9 PM we did an upgrade of the bitcoind client that is scalable and should handle more trans... Full Text »

  26. ronesimusronesimus 22 Jul 14:03

    Anyone here whome I can talk about uses of

  27. melamela 21 Jul 20:00

    Tomorrow is July 22. Coinpole will back to 100+ sats per claim???

  28. CondorCondor 22 Jul 19:31

    @ronesimus ..... Yes! The site has been paying out for years now. They also pay out well on the 4% yearly interest. As my rule, i have NEVER (with... Full Text »

  29. nivramnivram 22 Jul 18:19

    Bitcoin earning yesterday ive got 0.005btc
    Five days without doing nothing

  30. heidoheido 21 Jul 14:33

    PLC, CoinPole change the google reCaptcha. There is some error. At every claim i have to 6-10 times resolve the captcha.

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