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  1. olixolix 23 Sep 13:25

    Hi guys,
    Anyone can tell me how earn btc from this site ?
    and how to withdraw from this site ?
    Please help me im new in earning btc.
    Thank you.

  2. manaf2017manaf2017 23 Sep 11:50

    already reached 2000. while waiting for a refill, let's continue to claim. Coinpole is a very good mini btc machine. anyone who agrees with me?

  3. DrudzinskiDrudzinski 21 Sep 01:48

    Just started my bitcoin exploits a few weeks ago and have been getting deeper and deeper down the bitcoin rabbit hole, so i wanted to maybe get a group of people together to discuss strategies a... Full Text »

  4. gibson14gibson14 21 Sep 12:11

    Every time I log in I have to solve the captcha multiple times, even I enter the right symbols. Can you please repair the captcha, it's just annoying. I'm sure, there is a issue with your captcha.

  5. avegaleavegale 22 Sep 07:33

    I just wanna ask some question, after i redeem my 2000 satoshi, i rest claiming for 1 day and when i get back, i saw my remaining satoshi become - :( why does it happen, i didn't do anything. tha... Full Text »

  6. hampuuchampuuc 21 Sep 18:18

    If you want faucet without pop ups and without 3 annoying captchas then coinpole is for you. best faucet and instant payments.

  7. jfimsjfims 27 Aug 17:53

    OMG! I hit the best prize!

  8. SassafrassSassafrass 21 Sep 14:53

    Hello All. Can anyone explain how to use the mining option on

  9. SassafrassSassafrass 21 Sep 15:06

    @Alonsensai This morning on Freebitco : Use your browser to passively mine bitcoin and receive mining rewards instantly to your account, credited every 5 minutes.
    Please note t... Full Text »

  10. rumibd1rumibd1 21 Sep 21:33

    hello admin...reserve satoshi are out for more than 24 hrs...whene fill reserve...if you have any problems then let us know...:)

  11. Aja09Aja09 21 Sep 16:19

    @CoinPole reserve satoshi are out for more than 24hrs. Admin,please refill. Thank you and Godbless!

  12. TteagleTteagle 19 Sep 12:36

    Does anybody know how to enable the interest earning on

  13. fahadmiafahadmia 20 Sep 19:09

    hay friend iam new please halp me how to waleat send many

  14. ToxzicToxzic 20 Sep 12:46

    How can I withdraw the satoshis? How much is the minimum withdrawals? TIA.

  15. ibinhereibinhere 19 Sep 23:33

    Hello guys! Let's help each other in easy steps: 1st - Like this post, 2nd - comment below "Like and reply me back. Thanks". I'll surely do the same thing to you guys don't worry.

  16. avegaleavegale 19 Sep 14:10

    Hello I'm new here in coinpro . can anyone help me how to earn here aside from lottery? thanks .

  17. avegaleavegale 19 Sep 20:19

    Help, I tried to upload my picture to the avatar section but when refresh it disappears. :c

  18. ahriazahriaz 17 Sep 16:59

    Dear to me 4000+ point I want to redeem all these points together, how do I

  19. Aja09Aja09 19 Sep 16:53

    Many companies are beginning to see cryptocurrencies as a valid payment option for the wares they sell. Still, Morgan Stanley recently published a report detailing that only 0.6 percent of the to... Full Text »

  20. MaluMalu 19 Sep 10:59

    I am new with please help me how to link or widraw my satoshis to my btc wallet

  21. PotmasterPotmaster 19 Sep 11:05

    This is really a good bitcoin faucet to earn, but someone tell me how to withdraw bitcoins to faucet hub or any other bitcoin wallet like blockchain or xapo wallet.

  22. lover33lover33 17 Sep 09:15

    Who would like to become a bitcoin billionaire?

  23. RickyZPRickyZP 19 Sep 09:44

    if you are interested in bitcoin list please see my profile, there will be a blogspot site.. ;)

  24. TomTom 16 Sep 04:57

    Bitcoin is now up to $3721 again, amazing.

  25. jlbclixjlbclix 18 Sep 19:52

    Bitcoin Value arising again from $3,500 last 3 days ago.
    BTC value Prediction for next year.

  26. BASARI59BASARI59 18 Sep 09:21

    Bitcoin in Finland: Pay for Dinners, Dance Lessons and… a Car? Finland, the birthplace of Santa Claus and home to some of the best ski trails in Europe, is widely known for its magnificent natur... Full Text »

  27. KarenKaren 18 Sep 10:35

    Can anyone suggest other reliable faucet??? Thanks in advance. Coz i onlg use coinpole pls help

  28. JaceJace 18 Sep 10:02

    Thanks coinpole for being generous, got my 6th payment, wishing all the Best in your program site..i love satoshi

  29. BASARI59BASARI59 18 Sep 09:20

    Turkish taxis follow Hungarian example and start accepting bitcoin payments Currency exchange is a constant source of headache for a tourist or a traveler. Whether you use cash or card, there's... Full Text »

  30. BASARI59BASARI59 18 Sep 09:19

    AsicBoost Patent or Information War Against Bitcoin

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