1. mbenmahmbenmah 5 Jun 20:31

    Dear amount admin.le minimum to transfer to XAPO today is 117.541 satochis so that our reward is that of 100,000 satochis. How to put our transaction that is only 100,000 satochis? If you can we... Full Text »

  2. soft67soft67 19 May 04:15

    SCAM!!!!!!! Where two payments of 0.001 ???? I'm waiting from 05/05/2017.

  3. liluom001liluom001 31 May 16:36

    Today, I received 0.001 BTC after 3-4 weeks. Anyway, thank you, CoinPole!

  4. vandoevandoe 28 May 20:33

    how to make withdraw?

  5. searaysearay 24 May 21:59

    hello @chaocan you helping me. i trying to withdraw with balance 25000 satoshi. but i cannot. this my address :

  6. saneksanek 24 May 23:28

    good afternoon! The last payment you made has disappeared from the transactions - the payment was never received! The only explanation is the too low commission that you set (how to be ??? You c... Full Text »

  7. kamkkamk 24 May 12:48

    I think the payments are getting confirmation now because I received two payments from other faucets after yours.Please try sending the 100,000 satoshis now.

  8. sergei103sergei103 20 May 18:40

    Hello Dear Admin! Since May 5 I wait for payment-0.001 to BTC.Nedel it was written back that paid, but money in a purse did not appear. Prompt please - why? And whether in general further will no... Full Text »

  9. dansen70dansen70 22 May 14:25

    Payment in waiting for Hapo for two weeks already !!! Why?!

  10. CoinPoleCoinPole 17 May 19:57

    How about FaucetHub payment wallet? Now we want to use it as one of our payment method.

  11. swapaiswapai 20 May 02:25

    This is are the list of faucets I personally use for Satoshis, Dogecoins, and Litecoins that are guaranteed safe and paying. Check them out at htt... Full Text »

  12. kamkkamk 18 May 21:24

    Dear Admin , I redeemed 9850 coins for 100,000 satoshi on 6th May ,it showed up in my wallet on 16th as confirmation pending ,Now it has been returned without confirmation to coinpole,.When will... Full Text »

  13. MarieMarie 28 Apr 04:07

    What ways to earn here?

  14. liluom001liluom001 19 May 08:44

    They were not set fee on transaction and my 0.001 BTC was lost on yesterday after 2 weeks with 0/3 confirmation. Bored!

  15. JamesbondJamesbond 18 May 01:47

    Hello Friends,
    We have started a multicoin rotator few days back and now its giving its users an easy way to r... Full Text »

  16. RepentfulRepentful 16 May 12:23

    Hello how goes it Fam? I was wondering if the coinpole community is expanding or not I managed to get one unknown referral to join that haven't came coinpole since day of signing up and the other... Full Text »

  17. saneksanek 17 May 15:04

    Admin thanks! Received another payment )))

  18. PlyttarxPlyttarx 15 May 11:35

    Administration, please do the main post or poster, how long to wait for payments, this question is of interest to many, and they are often spammed

  19. swetikswetik 15 May 23:03

    Transaction: 1326 View Paid
    Wallet: 1MEbbLQvEnpvhvgMLNAFQriFSLmrGDRWBR
    Price: 9850 PoleCoin
    Rewards: 0.001 BTC
    Date: 2017-04-25 19:51:36 Деньги так и не пришли на кошелек ((

  20. mbenmahmbenmah 4 May 01:26

    I invested with the site e-chain unfortunately I cannot olus reach on my account. They do not have any address where to correspond. If ever one of our members can guide me I will be very grateful... Full Text »

  21. joedashjoedash 14 May 01:51

    You need to change the rate of 1PoleCoin = 20 satoshi because this is just UNTRUE.

  22. HannyHanny 6 May 02:03

    Helloww Everybody,..!!!

  23. ACE27ACE27 2 May 18:59

    What happened to the payment? Why do not you pay ?

  24. AnastazjaAnastazja 2 May 03:19

    We are pleased to announce that for the next 7 days, instead of the 0.2 bits reward, we will be setting it to 0.25 bits and the refferal comission will stay THE SAME (0.03 bits) Happy earning!Full Text »

  25. Samuelm2Samuelm2 2 May 02:03

    I prefer earning with a great Bitcoin system, it gives high profits. With this simple system you can earn 6% of your BTC investment daily with an awesome Telegram bot. It's not a fake nor a scam.... Full Text »

  26. juchkoffjuchkoff 29 Apr 10:39

    Hello bitcoin-friends,
    I know that you're just like I was, looking for ways to collect bitcoins.
    A wonderful investment site is Richmondberks. You have already heard of it.
    I wo... Full Text »

  27. rif18rif18 27 Apr 17:35

    How many coinpole I mean,to be withdrawn and how? any1 please....

  28. GalaGala 27 Apr 17:24

    Good afternoon! I see a deposit on your site, and what does it give? If I put there BTC, how can I take them away?