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  1. CoinPoleCoinPole 12 Jul 11:18

    Posting basic rules.
    DO NOT:
    1. Any referral link and spam messages
    2. Meaningless and irrelevant contents,e.g(hello, every one)(I want to claim 100K satoshis here),( where ar... Full Text »

  2. CoinPoleCoinPole 7 Aug 11:46

    Usually, The payment is always instant. If they are pending, please be patient with it within 48hours. Do not post thread into General! Please read our posthing basic rules!

  3. cbteamcbteam 12:10

    Don't give up!

  4. amuuamuu 11:19

    im new in bitcoin field..plz give me your paying faucet refral link so i can join and start earning satoshi...plz help me guys..

  5. ktncktnc 49 minutes ago

    Auto dice faucethub :v :v . Like, comment and inbox me if you need!!

  6. quagpz0quagpz0 48 minutes ago

    Muon dit qua :(

  7. ShinikiuriShinikiuri 45 minutes ago

    Hi I am Phan Hoang

  8. huybrave22huybrave22 12:16

    Dao Van Huy 22

  9. ruza123ruza123 12:06

    do you leaning vietnam ?

  10. durik30durik30 09:58

    can you give me some true paying faucet

  11. thiencacathiencaca 55 minutes ago

    Good morning! Have a nice day

  12. trnhlamtrnhlam 10:42

    bây giờ tôi đã có thể đăng bài được rồi

  13. thuattnthuattn 12:15

    Đào xong rồi thanh toán thế nào đấy mọi người ơi?

  14. FricativeFricative 16 Aug 12:24

    IS FAUCETHUB.IO DOWN ???? CANNOT OPEN IT AT ALL... is anyone facing same problem ????

  15. datviethandatviethan 12:08

    i love you

  16. MelaMela 11:05

    Download Honeymoney or wallrewards on google play store. Claim 17-25 satoshi no time limit. Use my referral code on honeymoney HM0000001475 on Wall rewards sywaSMPYRp to get Free satoshi.proof of... Full Text »

  17. raniarania 11:49

    Hello guys. Can you help me by sharing more faucet web that can collect satoshi in 5 5minutes?

  18. raniarania 11:52

    What mining program are good? Mind share guys?

  19. amuuamuu 11:08

    good morning guys.. plz tell me best faucet to earn in 5 minutes

  20. huynhlanhuynhlan 10:49

    tao sao

  21. doubledouble 06:12

    what amount is required for cashing out? anyone

  22. AkhilAkhil 01:56

    You Will get banned
    I see many posts here with 500 comments and spam. please refrain from posting spam to earn more and more satoshi.
    keep coinpole fresh from spam so that everyone c... Full Text »

  23. FakeBombsFakeBombs 05:58

    Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH/XBC) is about to hit 1.000$ soon, today the price rise up 83.85% untill now, from 460$ to 780$.
    https://coinmarketcap.... Full Text »

  24. TrantorTrantor 06:04 was ranked at number 10,547 in alexa a few hours ago ¡congratulations @CoinPole! :)

  25. duongduong 08:54

    Ngoc ngoc

  26. Gunawan89Gunawan89 10:13

    Dont invest to bitlake or forkmine or ultramine it is one company sure it..
    And new bitcoin invest trush just biconnect and bitcoinxl it is big company and trush bitcoin mining and... Full Text »

  27. FakeBombsFakeBombs 04:37

    Report these post's by these Bots please... also @CoinPole except for a randomly PIN code for publish a Topic or Comment enable the idle time to Re-Post per 15... Full Text »

  28. FakeBombsFakeBombs 17 Aug 06:09

    HashFlare Tips and Tricks!
    Which Pools can be supported on Hashflare and how or why can we choose to mine on 1 or s... Full Text »

  29. FakeBombsFakeBombs 02:36

    A nice idea @CoinPole to prevent spammers is this, putt a random PIN code, like captcha before a topic published or even a randomly PIN code in the comment inpu... Full Text »

  30. AsifAsif 01:56

    This bitcoin earning site is really really grat...we can easily earn bitcoin...thank you coinpole..i hope that coinpole site is upgrade so that we can earn more and more satoshi

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